You may cancel your contract within two weeks, without providing reason, either in writing (letter, e-mail) or by returning the goods. This period of time until the deadline commences upon receipt of these official instructions (which are printed on the invoice delivered with the goods). So as to keep within the deadline, it is sufficient to submit your cancelation or the goods themselves within the two weeks. Please direct your cancelation to:

ME-HAD / Andreas Ullrich

Blutenburgstraße 87 Rückgebäude

80634 München

Tel.: 0049 (0)89 96199334
Email: team|at|

Consequences of cancelation:
In the case of an effective cancelation both sides are to return received services/goods as well as any advantages (e.g. interest) drawn from them. Should you not be able to completely return the goods or just a part of them or in worse condition, you may be required to provide compensation for loss of value. This is not valid for any goods where the loss in value may have occurred due to handling upon inspection, as would be possible in a shop. A customer can avoid compensation for loss of value by not taking possession of the goods as if they were the owner and by refraining from doing anything that might lead to a reduction in  their value.

me-had jeans are to be sent back to the above mentioned address.  me-had will pay for the return-shipping. 

Please contact us for the easiest and cheapest way back

End of cancelation notice.